The MIRROR Works!

Excerpt from The Level Up Tribes Podcast interview with Agnes Goodwine.


Mr. Mark Warlick will be hosting a monthly speaker series in Phoenix that will focus on consciousness in every dimension. We will cover Astrology, Universal Law, Prosperity and Abundance, Conscious Parenting - pre and post-birth, Real Estate Investing, Mind Detoxing and Health/Wellness/Fitness.

Confirmed speakers are Monique Ruffin aka the Moon Mama who will discuss manifesting using the power of the phases of the moon; Karen Russo who will be discussing Prosperity and Abundance, Vionela Vaughn-Austin will enlighten on the 7 Universal Laws, the keys to power and freedom and Thomas Keller and Sandra Jones Keller will talk about conscious parenting, The MIRROR, homeschooling, and establishing intuitive communication with your unborn/newborn baby.

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